RIOT this has got to stop, lvl 23 in my team going up against plat and diamonds?

I don't care if it's just a normal game and PLEASE for the love of god don't come @ me with that the level doesn't mean anything bs, it does. Most trollers,flamers feeders and afkers i had in my team recently all new accounts, probably got perma banned and started again. When i see a player being toxic i can almost guarantee that he's low level, why and HOW do you rationalize pairing up a lvl 23 in a game to go up against a plat 1 player, it's not fun for the people in his team neither is it fun for him to get destroyed. Please fix your damn matchmaking system, this person can't be the same MMR ranked or not as anyone else in that game. EDIT: Literally the next fucking game i played my riven top died 2 times, wrote next acc ltr and left, level 35, unranked, fuck you riot
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