Weekly reminder that Riot removed ARAM bans even if they are deeply missed.

Doing this one a day too late (I blame the finals and my college for whipping to death computer science students), but I won't forget to make this weekly post. I also hope that, in a similar way, people won't forget the high amount of satisfaction bans brought to frequent ARAM players and those who play it for what it is. I also get a lot of complain each week, mainly from people trying to argue with me using the same unviable reasons and arguments over and over again to convince me that bans are the spawn of Satan and that ARAM accounts are just a myth and that its just a coincidence if they are commenting on a smurf. This is why I won't argue that the bans are good and almost necessary this week: since people are against this opinion just for the sake of being against it. Finally, someone pointed out last week that I should implement a Poll on the thread, which is clever since a lot of people just yeeted the "UPVATE" and "DOWNVATE" buttons without real purpose. So, yeah, let's go for another week of ban-less and sad ARAM and see you all on the freezing cold Howling Abyss!
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