Ok Riot (or anyone really), please explain this to my smol iron brain why this is ok.

"The goal of our bounty changes is to help teams bounce back from slight to moderate deficits via higher rewards for successful comeback plays and lower payouts for dying when you're the one keeping your team in the game." im playing the new neeko top build, and actually farming well. now, with the farming bounty, i have a 550 gold shutdown. problem is, at 22 mins into the game, i have a whopping 0/0/1 score. an entire one kill participation. https://imgur.com/2ZcPx6F but get this, i die once (the photo was taken just before a short skirmish) and give my bounty and whatnot. now, im an entire 0/1/2 cause i picked up another assist.... with a bounty of another 524 gold. https://imgur.com/oiIj2Xa this is a shutdown total of 1074, for dying *twice*. if this was supposed to help teams bounce back, why is the one player doing literally nothing, acquiring a bounty? im normally absolute shit at farming, but the one game i do it well, im punished for it? cmon man {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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