How can I increase my game knowledge?

If you don't want to read this, there is a TD;DR at the bottom. I've learned what game knowledge IS via my last post, but now I want to ask how I can actually increase it. It seems so diverse and hard, since there's things like learning cooldown and certain jungler clear routes. But that is so much to learn! There are over 100 champions, so there are (give or take non cooldown stuff like Vayne's W and Teemo poison, and toggled abilities such as Singed's poison trail) how am i supposed to memorize nearly 400 ability cooldowns? Let alone put that into gameplay analyzing that for all the champions in a teamfight? It doesn't seem humanly possible! Let alone that, there's the fact you would need to learn jungle clear times and gank paths for maybe 30 champions, and it's not the same each time, and BOTH of those are only 2 mechanics about game knowledge. It just doesn't seem humanly possible, not the fact to FIND the cooldown times, but to memorize 400 or so cooldowns (And they change per level, some do, some don't, so that's ANOTHER variable you would need to know) Is this what game knowledge is? I don't think I can increase my game knowledge very much if THIS is what I need to learn for cooldowns. (Let alone there are 10s of other mechanics) would I just be able to say "each ability has a 10 second cooldown" and assume it in a half-assed way? Sorry for the rant-type post by the way, this just doesn't seem possible. Thank you if you read this all Tl;dr - how can I increase my game knowledge when it seems impossible learning things like cooldowns (individual) and multiple jungle clear routes
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