Has anybody ever been hard stuck at silver 3, and eventually broke out of that and ranked up?

I'm curious to know if anyone has ever been hard stuck at around mid silver, and then by some kind of stroke of self improvement, were able to break out of that and ranked up, and then kept the new higher rank... and didn't eventually get sent into a huge and long lose streak which forced them back down to silver 3 again? Even though I don't believe the match maker is rigged, my ranked career has sure felt rigged at certain moments. I've been hard stuck at silver 3 for about 3 years (which is how long I've been playing league), on multiple accounts. I main jungle. And I've tried just about every possible area of improvement, all of which has given me a lot of feeling of improvement at the game, but none of it has had even the slightly affect on my rank. I started silver 3 when I first began to play league. And now, after an absolutely incredible amount of improvement at the game, I find it awfully shocking that despite so much improvement, and so much more game knowledge than I had when I first started, yet am I still exactly the same rank as I was when I first began. This is a really contradictory feeling, to feel like I'm so much better at the game, and yet not rank up, is really unpleasant especially when it continues like this for such a long time. This has led me to wonder if there is some kind of rigging going on, and maybe the elo you settle into after your first 1000 games, becomes the elo you will never, ever, break free from, no matter how much you improve. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but rather than just downvote me for even thinking such a thing, I'd rather someone just answer my question. So I'll repeat the question. Has anyone ever started their career at silver 3, and then they were hard stuck silver 3 for their first thousand ranked games, and then after improving at the game, they were suddenly able to break out of being hard stuck and were able to rank up to a much higher elo, and then kept that higher elo and didn't get forced back down by a huge lose streak? I'd really like to know. I'd prefer a more recent example. I mean, if you were hard stuck once upon a time in season 1, that's great but that's a long time ago... and they could have added new algorithms to the matchmaker since then. I'd like to hear an example of someone breaking out of a hard stuck, within the last few years.
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