Which ADC is the best at fighting 1v1's?

So I've been playing lots of Kog'Maw and I'm definitely enjoying his (her?) teamfighting capability. But his 1v1 dueling capability is kind of meh. So in some cases, the enemy team picks split pushers or perma-roamers or basically champs that get picks or champs that look for 1v1's, and in those cases they really don't want to group up as 5 because that's not where their strength is. So if I'm on Kog'Maw in that situation, i don't get to have my glorious 5v5 teamfight. I find myself in fights with fewer enemies, or duels basically, or just getting myself picked off, and Kog just doesn't shine in those fights like he would in a clean 5v5 engage. So that got me wondering... what ADC would you guys on this forum consider to be the absolute best at fighting 1v1's? Like an ADC that can duel champs that Kog'Maw would just get wrecked by. Champs like Riven, for example. Even if there's no ADC that is good at dueling a fighter, just tell me which one would be best at it, even if that means "not good, but less shitty than the others". Right now I'm thinking it might be one of these: Lucian, Vayne, Quinn, or Tristana. Or it could be another? I've played basically none of any of them.

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