Sylas just has too much... EVERYTHING

Looking into Sylas' kit, and just realizing he has too much utility and too much damage to make him something you can lane against. I think the main problem is that his kit is overloaded and that is the core of the problem. A Q that has 2 forms of damage and a slow, a "lunge" with magic damage increased with health that also a HEAL AS WELL BASED OFF HIS HEALTH, a dash that has a shield on top of it that he can recast that gives a knock up, magic damage, gap closing, and a stun (not in that order, sue me), and an ultimate that steals any enemy's ult. Oh did i forget to mention that he has 2 aa resets off his w and the first part of his e? He just has too much damage and utility by way of stuns and slows to make him "balanced". And i know that riot has been trying to balance him since he came out, but he still has too much damage. Why not take off the second part of his Chain lash and combine it as 1 part, therefor youre not getting hit by 2 different magic damage percentages, but lower the cd a tad. Anyone else with suggestions, im just tired of seeing him played and not knowing what the hell to do against it.
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