I'm Banning Senna

I was banning Pyke before but in some ways Senna is looking to be a lot worst in the not fun or fair to play against category. Idk what's going on with Riot and this sudden interest in Hybrid champion classes but it needs to stop. They are doing way too much with these champion's kits now. It's getting ridiculous. I know I'll catch downvotes because I haven't "seen the champion in action" but just on paper this champion's kit is ridiculous to add support to her name. I've been playing since S2 and I think this might be the last season for me. Things change I get that but League for me has lost what made me feel good even when I lost. It's evolved into an entirely different beast. I hope one day Riot does like a legacy season thing like Blizzard did for WoW. I was happy to see another primarily black (not pacific islander (illaoi), middle eastern karma, native america/ or inuit (taliyah)) champion but these new releases are coming out crazy. I feel like Riot creates champions by saying "this would be cool" without also saying "would it be fair and or fun to play against". I think the game has enough champions that 2 per year would be good moving forward. I feel more focus needs to be put in balancing than champion creation. I know there's a specific team for champion creation but I think Riot needs to take a harder look at the state of the game before adding more chaos.
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