Fiddlesticks Rework: Personal Thoughts

So, as we all know, Fiddlesticks is getting reworked. I have one MAJOR thing I'm REALLY hoping for, as someone who plays a lot of fiddle. PLEASE don't keep his extremely simplistic kit that lsoes to both mechanical and macro play. Simple wards entirely shut fiddle down, not only that he has no room in his kit to outplay opponents because of it's extreme simplicity. He loses 1v1's vs almost every jungler rn, his dragon clear is healthy but extremely slow. THe ONLY aspect of jungle fiddle is GOOD in is his clear speed, but that's only if you e max which makes doing drags alone impossible. He has no skill expression or outplay potential, despite his kit being extremely easy to shut down in multiple ways OUTSIDE of being a bitch who spams q and e and just peels and never makes plays. Riot PLEASE don't make his kit extremely simplistic and countered by something as minor, yet important, as warding. A champion literally not being able to function do to a core part of the game is honestly not fun. I know riot probably won't see this but wanted to say something anyway, though I know most of his kit is probably finalized by now, I hope I can atleast TRY to make it not turn out poorly. Thanks to anyone who ends up reading all this, sorry for wasting your time x:
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