Aww yeah season 9

Afk jungler who nearly outdamaged the lulu into 6/20 botlane into lvl 2 ragequit support ivern into support garen hell yeah. What a gameplay. Everyone loves season 9 there is no issue with the game. It's a total coincidence high plat/dia is filled with gold and low plat players who just run it down due to frustration of not belonging into this elo. Loss spree queues are made up and definitely do not exist. I wonder why riot keeps losing revenue. It's definitely not a shitty product no one wants to play anymore. There just isn't enough monetization i'm sure that's the reason you keep losing revenue. Hell yeah season 9. Losing revenue, bleeding playerbase, content creators and streamers quitting left and right there is nothing wrong with season 9. Reddit still loves us so there can't be anything wrong with league of legends. Hell yeah season 9 let's keep head diving down the drain.
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