Hey, can we finally get a nerf on assassins? It's been like seven years of them being braindead op.

They have SO much in their kits its hard to not outplay your opponent. Most of them have SO much damage that if ANY part of their kit grazes BARELY they now have a massive advantage. Oh and most of them have poke and most of them low cooldowns and most of them have cc and most of them have multiple escapes OR engages. Like what do they actually have to do that takes skill? If you get to try 17894 times with ZERO repercussions to missing or playing like garbage, like what are you supposed to do other than cc them and hope you can kill them before they dash or flash away? SOMETHING HAS to go from their kits. Whether it be mobility, damage, cc, safety, I don't know, but SOMETHING HAS to go. You shouldn't be able to just do whatever you want with zero thought. Which is legitimately what they're doing right now. Get out of position? Flash or dash away. Low health champion on the other side of the map? Penta flash one shot them. Miss part of your kit? That's okay mana basically doesn't exist and neither do cooldowns! THEY JUST HAVE SO MUCH IN THEIR KITS. The only real thing you can nerf at this time is damage. So just do it, put SOME skill back into the no risk, high reward class, and let's make the game great again.
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