Almost everything that has to be changed for fix the game

Nerf creep damage Nerf electrocute, Press the atack, Conqueror (The AD increase), and Grasp Buff Tower damage, make it choose the max damage between a % of your max hp or a base damage Buff tower hp and resistances Rework Fiddlesticks and change Taric and Tryndamere R Nerf the gold income to supports Nerf letality, make One shot a thing u are able to do when u are fed, not when you are 0-0. You can do this increasing Armor per lvl and increasing the Letality items cost Nerf rift herald: Make it more difficult to made (Especially alone) Delete the scuttle crab changes Increase Baron damage, reduce the superminions strength Delete the Elemental drakes OR make vissible in champion select which ones are gonna appear so you can pick and make a strat knowing it. RNG Ruins the game Nerf overall damage. Just do it, its not normal to see everyone one shotting each other **What will this change? Games will be longer, so you will have a chance to stop snowball. This is basically the main problem that game has right now. Doing this crit ADCs will come back to the game and things like "Kaisa-Braum mid/jgl" will stop since you will not be able to win the game at minute 15 because towers are wet paper that heal you ** **ALSO ** Fix the client, it works REALLY BAD Punish the players who deserve to <-------- Quite important And finally, LISTEN THE FEEDBACK and make changes thinking in something more than the Casual player and the LCS viewers
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