Forced Dodging Solution

Being forced to dodge a game is never a great place to be, but with riots current system you commonly get victim shamed into losing LP and possibly tilting for no reason. Riot has a punishment system in place to keep people from dodging games constantly. however there is no way to prevent someone one your team from losing the game before it starts with this in place. These people are general someone who gets auto filled ( even though many people have agreed they would rather wait longer) or is tilted and toxic from a previous game. They often lock in champs saying they want to play other peoples lanes or are extremely toxic from the start. What i propose is a weekly limit of say 2 dodges(up for discussion)before receiving the normal punishments. this will fix both issues without one being the cause of rage. This will allow player to avoid toxic players while also punishing those who constantly leave games, Due to the infrequent rate that people troll in champ select this should completely solve the problem. This could even reduce the amount of "Super-Dodgers" by allowing them to pick and choose more carefully without feeling like they should leave every game that doesn't seem like a win because "its not worth it" something i have though my self many times when forced to dodge. Would love to know what others feel/think about this {{champion:111}} {{champion:18}}

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