There should be more mini versions with effect of the completed item for AP-items

An adc can just pick up {{item:3123}} to get grivious wounds, tanks can buy {{item:3076}} , but the mage has to fully complete {{item:3165}} to get the grivious wounds, similarily the adc can buy {{item:3035}} for a mini version of the amor-pen but mages have to fully complete {{item:3135}}. Adcs have {{item:3140}} for the full item effect, while stopwatch is a onetime use, and mages have to spend 2900 gold to have stasis available all the time. If you for example play against a mundo as mage, you need both, grivious wounds and %-magic pen, but 5650 gold to get both auxilarry effects is a very long way to go. This make ap-itemization towards the later stages of the game kind of clunky. In my opinion there should be more part-items that can be upgraded to zhonyas, void staff, and morellos, that give a miniature version of the final effect. For example a stopwatch upgrade, that costs 1900 ( 1300 if you already have stopwatch) that gives some ap and has stasis effect with 4 min cd or something, A mini void staff that give 15% magic-pen or something, and grivious wound on some extra thing for 800 gold (don't add it to oblivion orb)
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