Nerf Garen Atleast in ARAM or Bring back ARAM BANS!

Whats more tilting when it takes whole 5 to take down half hp of garen and he still survives with 15 or 30 hp with W and MS boost with Q. Not only that he can have 4k hp and act like tank assasin building some AD crit items with some tank items. in ARAM its even worse you cant run away from him or catch him because he comes at you with bs Q speed and silence forcing you to take his whole damage and get executed by his ult or if he is low he just Q and W also regen hp at same time and spaming taunts at your face. He rushed {{item:3071}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} Still managed to be so tanky also turret diving us like nothing while melting our hp. He was the Highest DPS in that game lol. That was really unfun. Please Nerf This or Punish him like He cant be much tanky if he rushes AD items or He cant do bs DMG while being full tank.

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