Nerf Chain CC

Every champion has some form of CC and many champs have a lot of roots/stuns. Merc treads are useless because the 30% reduction doesn't help much when you're stunned by 2-3 sometimes 4 champs in every fight. 2 seconds doesn't help when you're still stunned for 6 seconds and slowed. Fights are usually determined anywhere between 5-10 seconds. I can't tell you how many times I could've been the winning factor in teamfights as a tank or juggernaut with resolve and merc treads but still end up getting CC'd for the entire duration of the fight making me useless. Even if I'm fed, I'm still useless. It's not my fault that I took the necessary steps to get ahead of my enemy. I can't help it if I just mechanically played better than my opponent. I shouldn't be getting perma CC'd for an entire duration of a fight. I should be able to have some lee way or counterplay against chain CC. I say sequential CC placed upon a champion should be reduced by 20-30 percent.
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