The Game Has some problems YES Matchmaking is not the best YES. BUT what about US?(Community)

The Game Has some problems ? YES The matchmaking system has some problems ? YES The Client is not the best ? YES its not. But guys. lets look at ourselves. we are not good either. if we dont flame each other for one mistake in-game that everyone even best players over the world does. no one will tilt to the ground that they decide to troll their next game. we shouldnt flame that autofilled jungler that admitted that hes autofilled in champ select and no one gave him his role and he cant dodge because hes in promos and compare him to enemy OTP KAYN and say why u dont jungle like that guy. U SUCK.unistall the game. meanwhile he is a good midlaner. hes just autofilled man. if we stop this. im sure games get so much better. most of the times when u see a tilted player. its because he got flamed hard by his teammates.we need to stop this. we need to behave like a grown up.if someone is having a bad game help him to catch up instead of flaming him. i promise to u he wants to win body press the Find Match button to go and lose a game. he just failed early game. help him as much as u can. i personally see these things so much. that the support makes one mistake and dies. the game is still 1-0 its not big deal u can still win but the team all start to flame him so hard that he decide to stay in the base and dont try to win anymore. Everybody nowdays says better top wins better mid wins better bot wins etc ... but actually. The team with better Mental Health wins the game. We are** The community**. if we want a great game. we should start from ourselves.
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