Nice kayle update. But she's still gonna be garbo.

I was testing Kayle a few days ago to see if I could find a way to make her viable in the jungle. And my conclusion was, basically no. Her problem (at the time) was that she didn't get to be a ranged champion until level 11, which on average doesn't happen till 20 minutes into the game. So rushing an early hurricane to help with her camp clear speeds didn't work, because she couldn't actually use the hurricane till 20 minutes in. The only way then to give her some clear speeds was to rush a Tiamat, and use that till 20 minutes, and then sell the Tiamat and exchange it for Hurricane. But as you can imagine, that was pretty garbo. Now, with the new update, she becomes ranged at level 6. Woohoo. So now, she could actually rush hurricane. Problem is, now she gets no passive damage on her auto attacks until 20 minutes. So although it's great that she's ranged sooner.. now she does no damage till 20 min. So now she's basically like a Vayne, but without the silver bolts. Just visualize that for a moment. Vayne. Without silver bolts. Pretty laughable, right? She's basically like a Draven now. But without the spinning axes. Actually, even that's probably stronger than her. She's more like a Soraka without abilities. Just an auto attacking Soraka. Hurracne at 6 is great, but with no passive damage on her autos, she's like a Soraka with hurricane. Those hurricane autos aren't gonna deal any damage. I like that Kayle got to be ranged at level 6, but I think she should have kept her passive damage (on her auto attacks) at level 6, as well. Not the waves of fire, just the passive damage on her autos. I know that seems like a lot to give her at level 6, but anything less and she's just garbage. Then at level 11, she would get the waves of fire effect. And at level 16, she would stay at maximum stacks continually. Be aware, she lost all her her true damage at level 16, so she will still be much weaker overall at level 16 than she was before.
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