750 games this season.. And I hit gold today.

I played 750 games this season, worked my butt off to get better and carry in a really toxic and annoying environment. I just won my last game needed to hit gold! 750 games and getting gold in the last day of the season!! I should be really happy and proud of myself. But all I can think about with this achievement is one game.. One game a while back where my support and I lost our lane hard, and the enemy team snowballed off of it. Both our bot and mid inhib were knocked out at 15, the enemy team was 25-0 and I really wanted to just give up, because I knew there was no chance our early game team could compete with their scaling team at that point. I politely voiced my opinion that we should ff the game because we had no chance of winning. At the end of the game I was reported. My team was pissed that I lost them the game, and so they flamed me out in end game, and told the enemy to report me for Toxic.. And because I said games over guys lets ff They're lie that I was being toxic combined with the BLIND REPORTING that people do.. I was chat restricted and lost honor. I wont be getting the victorious reward because of one single incident where a lying angry teammate successfully pandered for reports. Because its too late in the season despite 749 games of "acceptable conduct' one salty liar tainted my achievement. It's pathetic that people spam and ask for reports after every single game, and It's pathetic that a robot can determine that a player is "toxic" for saying we should ff. Just because multiple random reports were directed at a player. The player that lied and said I was toxic should have been suspended, not me. The people that reported me for toxic on the other team that never once saw our chat should have been ignored. Riot should not let their game be moderated by children. And screw your reward anyway because I am victorious, and got gold on the last day of the season. Kiss MY BUTT salty person who pandered for reports/ Because Im gold, and you were probably banned for the way you act.
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