Predator pops against minions? But the minions get no warning? SAVE THE MINIONS!

I noticed that if you walk past a minion and it just so happens that you have any kind of ability active that creates AoE damage, and any of those minions take any damage from you as you pass, it instantly cancels Predator. Come on Riot. Please make Predator only pop against enemy champions (or clones). It should not pop against a minion. Because it's very likely when ganking that you'll need to walk through a minion wave to reach your target, and if any of those minions take any damage from you, it cancels the predator. For example, Nunu with a snowball... as he rolls the snowball through the minions it deals damage to the minions. That minion damage instantly ends predator. Not that predator is any good on Nunu, but this is just an easy example to visualize. It's not possible for the Nunu to NOT damage the minoins, it happens by accident as he's rolling the snowball to get to his real target. Predator is all about enemy champions. Nobody uses predator against minions. Nobody wants predator to be unleashed against a minion. If you really intended predator to smack up minions, then why don't you put the predator icon above the heads of each minion, just like you do above the heads of champions? HMMM?? At least give the minions a FAIR WARNING that they are being hunted. They deserve a warning just like any champion. SAVE THE MINIONS.
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