Why does QSS remove new Morde's R? (This is not a rant)

So, here is what the tooltip of QSS says atm: "ACTIVE-UNIQUE – QUICKSILVER: Removes all crowd control debuffs from your champion (90-second cooldown)." So, Malzahar R is a CC, Pant W is CC, Zed's R is NOT a CC, Fizz's R is NOT a CC, new Morde's R is NOT a CC . I do not want this post to be a rant, but this truly defies logic. Btw, since GP's W is basically QSS with a heal, a pirate can apparently escape the Realm of death to which he was dragged by simply eating oranges :) I guess this is the case just so adc players have a counter play... I'm sure they would have appreciated this much thoughtfulness for Akali's W hiding her under turret ( we all would have)... But either Riot turns QSS to remove everything, like the old days, or not remove new Morde's R.
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