So, in season 6 ranked queue solo players will be matched with&against 2-5-man premades Riot calls it "dynamic groups". Anyone else thinks it's a terrible idea? **TO CLARIFY: YES, PREMADES ARE GOING TO PLAY AGAINST PREMADES MOST OF THE TIME. EVERYONE GOT IT, THANK YOU. SOME PEOPLE JUST GOT TO THIS PHRASE AND UNDERSTOOD ONLY THAT AND DIDN'T GET THE PROBABILITY PART (~95%). THE MAIN CONCERN IS THE OTHER 5% OF GAMES WHERE SEVERE IMBALANCE IS GOING TO HAPPEN, AS WELL AS THE GAMES IN 3+1+1 vs 3+1+1 OR 4+1 vs 4+1 FORMAT. AND YES, IT IS NOT GOING TO BE 5% EXACTLY, BUT COMMON SENSE CAN TELL YOU THAT INSTEAD OF LONG WAITING TIME FOR PREMADES SOLO PLAYERS WILL BE USED TO FILL** Why it is a bad idea in my opinion: **Increased toxicity.** Premades are usually in their own game, talking in skype or whatever other program they use and not giving a damn about other lanes (a valid point even for 2 people (for example, premade botlane)). In worst cases add the blame game and collective reports. There are already issues with duos (numerous threads over last years), and we are going to see even bigger premade groups now. Just look at what is happening in normal matches and you'll get the idea. **Balance issues.** Communication and team synergy is insanely powerful in this game. A 5-man ranked team can win against 5 random people even if these random players are a whole tier higher ranked, just because of team coordination, from pick-ban phase to actual gameplay. As there is no premade mmr penalty anymore, it's going to be a problem. **Climbing the ladder**. I'll put it as a separate point. It is said that premades will play vs premades in 95% games. It leaves us 5% chance of being matched against a 5-man group, which is almost as bad as 5 instalosses. And it is a 5% win rate drop. Almost everyone I see in solo queue has about 51% win rate which is absolutely normal and you climb slowly as your skill increases. If your win rate drops to 49%, you will fall slowly in ranks. And this time there is literally 0 chance for you to offset this by being WITH premade 5 teams (except if you make one). The "only constant in the game is you" argument is not valid in this case. **Social aspect**. Newly introduced bonuses for playing in groups should encourage people to play together. However, there are those who can't do that for some reasons. And there are those who can. This means that the number of groups should increase compared to the number of duos in this season by the number of those motivated by bonuses, and playing solo will probably feel unrewarding or even punishing, since you don't get all those chests or whatever it is. **Trolling**. 4-man premades /ff-ing when you are in your promo (because it's fun). Reporting the whole premade is not going to be effective and will probably be counted as report spamming. **Elo boosting**. Never was as easy. Now it will be absolutely legal to pick a person and boost him on his own account. 4 masters/challengers will have no problems up to plat or even low diamond, being able to 4v5 enemy team (even if it is also a premade). Now, what are possible solutions? **Make a dynamic group queue**. 2-3 and 5-man(still don't see the point of 5s) groups are matched together. This way solo queue will be strictly solo and we'll have an intermediate mode with semi-organized teams. The downside of this is longer queue times (but premades are going to wait for other premades anyway, so not much longer?). **A checkbox to agree to be matched with premades**. Imo, not going to happen, but why not? Technically it will be the same queue, but this time with an additional parameter. **Just leave things as they are (with or without duo q)**. Simple.
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