Jungle becoming stale and increasing difficult

I just had to ask the community if anyone else has thought jungle has become stale and sort of boring or unplayable in some instances. As someone who has played jungle since they started playing in season 4, I've found it more difficult to jungle now at the end of season 9. I dont feel like I'm the only one who believes this to be true but I could be wrong. I notice when you get behind in jungle you're just behind for the rest of the game... there is no saving yourself unless the other players throw completely. Getting XP early is terrible now I will path the same way and I will be level 4 when my top is level 6 maybe 7 and mid is the same. Bot is the other lane that is the same level as jungle and they have 2 people sharing XP and they still sometimes get ahead of jungle in levels. This means jungle is getting less XP from camps than bot lane that has 2 people sharing XP. Junglers early game has been impacted in a very negative way. Some champions that are very hood early game still come up short compared to other champs it feels like a nerf to the role drastically rather than a small fix. It's very difficult to gank when I am level 5 and the mid lane giants are level 8. It makes you significantly less useful if you have limited cc for a gank. It feels the only way to do good now is to have cc to atleast be able to do something helpful since your 3 levels down and dont do enough damage. This is just my view on how I feel jungle has been affected I'm just wondering if anyone else feels the same let me know if I'm just washed up or jungle has gone down a lot. I would really appreciate if you shared this with other junglers to see how other people in my situation feel. Thank you for reading!
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