So instead of tweaking Kleptomancy, they introduce an even more unbalanced and broken rune.

I am at a loss for words. Is it just a panic change because of the huge amount of complainers? Kleptomancy was a rune that changed the game for a lot of champs and in a way created new metas. If it's so strong then why not change it to proc differently, more predictably or requiring more conditions to proc? And if you had to add this joke of a rune to the game, why not just ADD it to the existing keystones instead of overwriting one of the most popular ones with it? They added Hail of Blades just so it can be used as a niche keystone. They have reworked/tweaked conqueror a ba-zillion times to bring it up to date but they just scrap one of the most flexible runes in the game? There's no logic in this
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