Am I the only one who wants to gouge my both eyes out when playing vs Ahri?

Seriously. Tons of damage in one ability. 3 dashes. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG CC(basically a stun on steroids) You don't have to play mid in order to have that frustration. You can play jungle as well, or adc, or wwhatever, and you will still want o rip all of your hair out on how bullshit the champion is. Yeah, more bullshit than 0/10 {{champion:157}} that just rightclicks and wins late game. Unfavorable position? Kiss a charm and walk away like nothing happened In danger? (Malph, Zed ults) Just fly away with R... on ANY LOCATION. Unlike Lee Sin's, it doesn't have to be jungle monster or another champion or a ward, it can be any spot. Jesus fuck. And it's 3... + flash summ. I am reiterating, jesus fuck. Please rework asap. Teamfight? Just Q and W to have tons of damage. Basically, there's no counterplay vs her dashes. And since she deals true damage she can invest into a little bit of survivability and she won't lose too much on damage. RIOT FIX HER PLS
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