Reduce League´s overall damage by half.

I feel like the meta right now is completely one-shot based. There´s tons and tons and tons of damage in the game at the moment and it just sucks. What´s purpose of building armor if the enemy can just build lethality items? What´s the purpose of building mr if the enemy can just build Void Staff? I feel like building resistances nowadays is just throwing gold into the trash can. I really miss the meta where tanks were actual tanks and building resistance was worth it. Not this stupid one-shot based meta. The current meta SUCKS. Nowadays if you play a tank, you´re pretty much gonna get one shoted by someone anyway or the enemy team can just ignore you the whole teamfight and kill you after your team is dead. Resistance items just don´t give you enough resistance to match the amount of damage on the game right now.
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