@Riot So even you are now spreading this false narrative ?

That tanks get pushed out by conqueror in laning phase XD Literally every other keystone is a better laning keystone than conq like what the fuck. Can you stop listening to the reddit adc community that has no idea what they are talking about? First of all 8% of my dmg getting through the 300 armor ornn is definitely not what pushes him out of lane in fact ornn still beats many melees or most melee bruisers actually. Somehow it feels like this myth that conq deals 8% BONUS true damage or some shit still flies around. 8% of the damage i do is CONVERTED into true damage meaning it is basically 8% armor pen for bruisers who deal physical dmg only. 8% of 200 armor do the math. Even combined with black cleaver is rather meh. The sustain and AD is what helps in the LATER STAGES OF THE GAME to deal with them. Not laning phase. Grasp still beats conq by miles in lane. Even PTA. What removes tanks from the solo lane is ranged bullshit namely mages farming off of tanks with klepto. Like kennen, like vlad. IT's a free scaling lane for these champs with absolutely no items whatsoever to build to handle them. Before you got your adaptive/spirit/abyssal mask the kennen already has three items, charges into your team and oneshots them. And if it gets to teamfights and you think you are ready they already have 40% MR pen for a ridiculous 2600 gold and oneshot you anyways but somehow mages are insanely protected. We see it in worlds were mages sometimes rush void staff even as a second item. How ridiculous is that? Can anyone imagine adcs or assassins rushing LDR second item? No it would be ridiculous well not for this very overpowered undercost item called void staff and in the light of archangels and ludens it really is just the icing on the cake. Second, you are attempting to do something about toplane being a useless impactless piece of shit shithole no one wants to play. GREAT. NOW LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY STILL PLAY THIS SHITHOLE. Not reddit adcs or mage players. Several problems with toplane: No impact whatsoever, counterpick meta, ranged abusive shit, jungle abuse. Now they aren't separate issues and often one is the reason for the other to happen. Fix: Remove ranged champions from toplane and rework them until they have actually good kits and don't justify their existence by "well they bully melees out of lane it's something". Rumble, kennen, even jayce now basically only exist as "well beats melees, good enough for me"-Riot Random 3. Nerf mages so they don't beat you in laning phase while outscaling you with WAY CHEAPER and better items. REWORK BRUISER ITEMS ALREADY. YOU PROMISE THIS FOR FIVE YEARS ALREADY AND YOU ACTUALLY REWORK ASSASSIN AND SUPPORT ITEMS BEFORE THAT. ARE. U. KIDDING. ME!!!! I have to fuckin emphasize that actually supports AGAIN get more work than bruisers have ever gotten. Now since you won't touch bruiser items anyways i don't think there is a point even talking about what the issue with the items is. Bruisers on toplane have absolutely no way to play for lategame. Jax is the only semi competent lategame champion anymore and even he is not really that good in late. The times of guinsoos and shit are gone. Revert the sterak changes. Two benefits: Bruisers have a way to play for lategame again, somehow only tanks (which kinda makes sense offense having to outscale defense at some point) and bruisers are not allowed to do anything lategame. The other benefit would be stopping r worded shit like yasuo getting insanely tanky with steraks and shit while putting out 100% crit crazy tier dps. Same for other champions with shittier base AD going the item just for the survivability it gives. By all means nerf the shield a bit if we get our major lategame powerspike back. And before the anti jax babycry crowd comes storming it with the removal of SoS jax will be a dead pick and not a lategame threat. TELEPORT is what gave the island toplane another way of impacting the game. With how much value you put into botlane fights with new drakes again toplane needs old tp back. Give it the old low cooldown back. Keep the cannot be cancel'd as compensation and restrict it to the toplane role only so pro play doesn't start taking it non stop again. Might be a rather messy solution but whatever don't want my game ruined because of fuckin pro play and since there are some toplaners thinking we should remove tp entirely and that would fix the issues: GL on trying to carry without it when the enemy team wins every fight botlane, gets three drakes, 2k tower gold and kills while you sit there with your brainless ignite tryndamere getting a few kills against your opponent. Game will be over before you got your first turret. Please don't let the new not conq keystone get abused by mages and adcs and then nerfed into the ground? Can we like get a bruiser keystone, thank you. Really not a fan of hearing "gives adaptive damage" cuz i can already see what happens--->mages and adcs abuse it, nerfed to the ground, bruisers removed from the game in s10. Why can't many toplaners push their early win into a mid/lategame carry? SPLITPUSH IS FUCKIN USELESS. Revert the minion changes so you can actually put up slowpushes again. Remove baron empowered recall and homeguards so there is actually a commitment to doing baron and not sending someone botlane to defend from my splitpush. Right now you can just five man and not give a fuck about the fed bruisers because you will do baron, kill his team and be back to base before he gets his first turret. MAny bruisers are shitty teamfighters and their only win condition is pushing a win at the sidelanes through skirmishes and splitpushing. Even the most powerful of all splitpushers often referred to as "ragesplitters" ,ascended beings ,are unable to translate their push into a victory. That doesn't mean you have to implement all or every of these suggestions but a FEW would help before this madness on toplane keeps going on. XP changes are a step into the right direction but only a small one. I mean there are way more issues but gotta go to school now sooo.
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