Why are we buffing enchanters when they are statistically strong?

https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/grid/ Janna, 52%+ wr Nami 53% wr Sona. 54% wr Soraka 53% wr. taric 51.5% wr Lowest W/R enchanters, Lulu 49.6% winrate. Karma 49.5% winrate can we buff lulu and karma, but not the rest?. am like please. please dont attack me. please am begging you. but am just trying to understand why are we buffing. whats objectively not weak thats like me going out of my way right now and buffing jax. and hes sitting at 53% winrate. Sona is sitting at 53% winrate right now. and similar pickrate to jax. whats the reasoning behind big item buffs that affect her?. @Meddler?.
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