If You Are A Bronze, Silver, or Gold Jungle Player...

If you have a winning lane but your other two lanes are even or losing.... CAMP THAT WINNING LANE SON. CAMP CAMP CAMP CAMP CAMP. CAMP CAMP CAMP CAMP AMP AMP MP MP MPMPMMPMPMPMPMPCAMPCAMPCAMCP Stop caring about your other lanes dude. That lane is your golden fucking ticket to winning your game, and it's right in front of you! NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER think that since they are winning that they can handle their own lane by themselves. The instant you think that THE ENEMY JUNGLER IS GOING TO CAMP THE LIVING DAYLIGHT OUT OF THEM. They are going to struggle, your other lanes are already struggling, and BOOM TOXIC SHIT STORM and your game is done. When you go to the winning lane, the enemy jungler IS STILL GOING TO COME. That mid laner is going to come. EVERYONE'S COMING FOR YOUR WINNING LANE. DID I HEAR FREE TOWERS? DAMN THOSE FREE TOWERS AROUND THE MAP WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW!!!!! FREE TOWERS! If you're lucky you and your fed laners are still going to kill the enemy because GUESS WHAT? HE'S FED! WOW. By the way, GUESS WHAT? NOW YOU ARE FED TOO! DAMN. IMAGINE THAT. You know all that time your team has been pushing???!!! They've been farming, they aren't dying anymore... THEY HAVE ITEMS HOOOOOOOOOOOOO. ITEMS?! DAMN THEY ARE SO STRONG NOW. You know what happened to the enemy? THEY WASTED ALL THAT TIME! They didn't farm, they chased you.. you might have even killed them.. NOW THEY ARE WEAK, THEY ARE USELESS. WOW THIS GAME IS SO EASY GUYS. EZ GG. ENEMY TEAM ARE NOOBS. NICE JOB TEAM. And that is how you jungle the right way. End of rant.
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