I'm done. Uninstalled, season 9 just broke me

Call me back once you hard resetted the ladder after you dynamicQ fuck up in s6, this seasons fuck up and the usual buying accounts, duo boosting etc. The ladder is fucked. Every single game, every single game i played from plat 5 to d2 now has people an entire tier above their league hundreds of games on negative winrate and they just don't drop. They lose and lose and lose and never drop. A few times getting carried inbetween is enough to stay in the elo. Literal 45% overall winrate players who just don't drop. Then you go into streams see people hard inting and flaming you look up op.gg d5s now in grandmaster and challenger ruining game after game. Call me back once you changed the gameplay so better players can actually carry games again. Remove turret plating, remove catch up xp, remove or massively lower bounties. Flatten the scale curve of champs. It's insanity how "lategame hypercarries" 1v9 every game at maximum 2 items while champs like panth (which is a great rework i love him but still) auto oneshot every single champ in the game until 15 minutes where becomes more useless than a sack of potatoes. Change the fuckin jungle already, laners want to actually play your fuckin game do you realize that? I'm so tired of every single game getting decided which jungler decides to play the game. Put them in a fuckin cage don't let them escape jungle with a magical barrier, go back to afk farm jungle I DONT CARE IF PRO PLAY IS BORING NO ONE IS WATCHING IT ANYMORE ANYWAYS without your rewards the numbers would be even more abysmal. All these changes to make pro play more interesting and the opposite is the case but fear not one day it will work i'm sure. Are u really telling me the current jungle is healthier than literally anything before? Before that i could atleast play league of legends because junglers were busy fighting each other over camps. The farming items which names i've forgotten were balanced as well. Above gold most farm junglers lost the game before they even got to finish their 30 stacks the only problem was boring pro play once again and low elo. But according to some peolpe here we should balance around pro play makes the game SO MUCH MORE FUN FOR EVERYONE. Remember when you could actually have vision on your own? Didn't have to rely on four other monkeys to help you with that? Yeah those were the good times were your own skill mattered can't have that thanks to pro play tho. Remember when baron wasn't the only win condition in the game? And you could actually splitpush or fight skirmishes? Yeah can't have that because of pro play. Remember when you could actually play for lategame? Well can't have that because of pro play or they have 50+ mins games again so we just make it that lategame comes at 20 mins 5header. Remember when rengo was the only assassin that point and click oneshotted you and everyone hated it? Can't have that pro play needs to be more exciting no one wants to watch strategic fights and outplays (i'm not talking about 5v5 deathball meta with four tanks and an adc on each side) people want to see Zoe missing E Q and just w ignite auto an adc to death. People want to see qiyana press R and oneshot everyone. Remember when you playing flawless for 15 mins wasn't instantly cancel'd by getting four manned once and donating 1k gold to the enemy team? Say thank you to low elo who didn't understand "snowball" doesn't come from one person 1v9 the game. S9 is the season with the absolute least agency for ANYONE in this game yet the game is more snowbally than ever. Makes you think doesn't it? NERF ADCS AND MAGES FOR FUCK SAKE and while you are at it NERF SUPPORTS AND GIVE ADCS AGENCY IN RETURN. It's INSANITY how an aftershock support tank on a "low" budget is tankier than any 10/0 poppy like what the fuck man. Botlane is supposed to share resources yet they basically are just two champions in one lane with solo lane resources due to how cheap and overstat support items are. If more people are autofilled SO BE IT. Back in my days i played another role every single game UNTIL i got gud at the game and ensured being firstpick every game because i have the highest MMR AND IT WORKED OUTSIDE OF THE DEPTHS OF BRONZE AND SILVER. You do not balance a competitive game around the whims and cries of bad players see my points about bounties and stuff above. FINALLY WORK ON TOPLANE AND BRUISERS FOR FUCK SAKE. Give them a place in the game it is YOUR BIGGEST CHAMPION CLASS. What is this shit. Yeah once every blue moon you get to play the game and snowball and noone can stop kled charging into fifty people and solo win the game the next four games you fall behind and lose the game because you don't do anything at all ever. Yeah fun gameplay for people playing AS WITH AND AGAINST bruiser. Coming from a die hard bruiser main btw. Bruiser main masterrace. Yet i hate that the only win condition for 99% of all bruisers is to snowball and slam themselves into the enemy. Give us items for lategame give us a way to play from behind THEN you can leave shit like jayce in the game instead of him beating you while also outscaling you while also being a teamfight threat while also being an assassin mage bruiser juggernaut. Especially with how the jungle is nowadays you don't ever get to snowball like ever. Nerf death timers again for fuck sake. It's been over a year that dying and teleporting back to lane is faster and actually gives an advantage over going for winning the lane and killing your opponent????? IN A PVP GAME A COMPETITVE SUPPOSEDLY SKILL BASED GAME. Don't believe it? Can send you my game against an ignite darius who kinda cheesed me early got firstblood and said "that's why i take ignite it's so op" yeah except i bought, tp back to lane, shove in and i'm now a lvl above him and murder the shit out of him for his stupidity.Why? Because he was forced to stay or lose a double minion wave which lead to him getting killed and losing the waves anyways. Also one of the reasons together with plating why everyone just runs teleport. Maybe we can finally stop holding toplane hostage because of your shitty game design and give toplane impact again by buffing teleport. All these things could be figured out if you actually played your own game one of my secret wet dreams tbh to get designers who play this game actually and engage with players instead of rolling a dice looking at the winrate and decide to nerf or buff shit. Instead of letting random people work on random changes and just implement them for the heck of it with no thoughts about how it effects the game as a whole e.g. turret plating. Make interesting items again. How? Stop being afraid of item actives which you abandoned because many people play league with only two fingers i'm sorry about them but maybe they shouldn't play a moba then. You restrict yourselves so much by not allowing item actives. Instead of making tanks tank more and let them 1v1 bruisers and everyone else you could give them interesting items with actives to carry teamfights. For example old maokai ult as an item active. Reduces dmg for x seconds in y radius for your teammates. Not saying its a good suggestion or anything just something random that came up but cant be implemented because riot refuses to give more item actives. Create a magical zone that reduces the enemies armor by amount x for y duration. Great you have an AD heavy team and enemy is stacking armor? BUY IT. Once again i'm just saying random stuff that i would find interesting to build and play because i actually loved playing tanks. Back when i played my nautilus toplane with locket and redemption that actually became meta for a time after everyone realised how good it was. It was interesting as a tank to clutch shield your teammates or throw a redemption down. Now my goal is to pop RG run at the adc and press W and hope he dies as maokai. Nautilus is a support now anyways. While we are at items: STOP THIS ARMS RACE ALREADY. We went from maybe one item that is good for every champion in that class (trinity force and BC being one of the old remnants of those days) to items that just give you everything you ever wanted+CDR on top of it. Not everyone should reach 45% CDR by default heck i think no one should ever reach this amount without heavily investing into it and thus losing out on other stats. Last but not least: Stop your fuckin bias and favorism towards certain champions. It's really not funny anymore. Well here is my little ranty wishlist for season 10. I love this game i play it since i'm 16 years old. Now i'm well let's just say older (i'm still 19) 10 years later and it feels so shit to see something you've loved become something you hate. Sounds an awful lot like my Ex. I never thought the day would come i actually cannot fathom playing anymore but it is here i'm broken. It's so shit this game rn, so shit. Even with shitty balance atleast you could play your game and carry and win if you deserved it. Even this is just a coinflip right now so what's the point of playing. We went through so many metas i played bot i played mid i became a top main. I played tanks i played bruisers i played GP i mained ahri or zed and lb but the drastic change of the core gameplay to what it is right now is unbearable for me. Different metas and stuff is all fine but when the core gameplay like legit the gameplay at its core is so unfun and so shit there is just no point in playing. I hope riot does a 180 but judging from them having no budget (KEKW) for skin development, to eternals to little legends i doubt riot will do anything positive for league anymore.
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