Stop complaining, its the preseason

I'm sick of how little effort you guys put into complaining. The number of people complaining about dark harvest when hotfixes have already been announced is honestly ridiculous. Turret Changes, Dark harvest adjustments and bounties are all clear areas where Riot is moving in the right direction. The game state is without a doubt the healthiest its been ever. There is enough damage to prevent a tank/shield/censor meta that we have had for the past 2 seasons, and yet riot has kept ADCs and Assasians in a weak state. You have rose tints or you're just a moron if you think this meta is a bad game state. Of course not everything perfect, that's why we have the preseason. Things like the dark harvest change are things you have all yelled for on here for ages, they just need some adjustments before its ready to go. Stop complaining, or just fucking quit the game jesus. Acting like you "put too much money" in the game to quit.
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