Can we talk Kennen

This champion feels extremely weak compared to any other champion that I play. Some issues he suffers from are. - high energy costs and low energy recovery - low base damage - limited mobility - limited range - long cooldowns - low defense and zero CC protection, despite having to run through the enemy to deal damage It's quite difficult to farm with this champion. A common issue is that he usually maxes Q first which leaves his W and E weak. When he then tries to W-E combo a minion wave, the minions all survive with low health and then die to friendly minions or towers before he can auto-attack them for the gold. If he tries to Q each one he will miss most of them because of the low damage and long cooldown for the first few ranks. I think he needs more base damage, mobility, and lower energy costs to be competitive. Either that or a complete redesign. There is something fundamentally weak about a squishy mage with zero CC protection having to run through enemies to hurt them.
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