People need to learn Senna FAST

Small rant but they are actually unexpected good items on her. It's amazing how I get trashed on because I built UTILITY instead of full lethality when playing her as SUPPORT {{item:3092}} : My fucking wards {{item:3085}} Hey I reduce my Q CD by 3 secs instead of 1 sec with my AA and I also get lifesteal later ! {{item:3033}} Because you know, gutting heals is nice against certain comps {{item:3174}} The unexpected OP item, Heals a good 400 HP chunk per Q ! {{item:3009}} I get caught less and escape a bit more easily But nah, I get trashed on for going utility because we already have {{champion:246}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:64}} for physical damage -_- People need to learn her fast. it's getting annoying. The only thing that doesn't scale with BOTH AD/AP is her W and her AA falls really hard after laning phase, gotta get power and utility somewhere else. Good thing the game ended before I got my {{item:3504}} Please tell me I'm not crazy {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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