[FEEDBACK] Thoughts on current state of ARAM (8.11, event)

So I've been playing ARAM since season 2, have played well over 8000 games and have seen many changes over the years. The most recent changes however baffle me. You can agree/disagree with my feedback, that is fine but keep it constructive. Let's not turn this thread into a flamewar/rant. Let's start off with a few of the new items; **Ghostwalkers** I can honestly say that these things ruin the spirit of ARAM. Not only do they make high mobile melee champions an even bigger pain to deal with but they also allow these same champions to escape after taking out an enemy. There is little to no counterplay here. CC-heavy comps (Alistar, Malphite, Amumu) now have an even easier time engaging. They not only have Mark/Dash but with these boots they now have **TWO** ways to completely shut down a team. Furthermore, these new boots allow a team which is melee-heavy to simply backdoor once the other team has an open nexus. Again: This goes against the spirit of ARAM. Worst part of this: It's Melee only. Suggestion: Either remove them, make them accessable for all champions, allow the other team to damage you and force you out of the wall (just like Kayn) to offer SOME form of counterplay or redesign Mark/Dash to be ranged-only. **Spectral Cutlass** Basically an uncontrollable Ekko ult without the health-regain. Riot please tell me; Where is the counterplay in a Zed using Mark/Dash followed up by this, ulting on someone immediately upon arriving, getting a free kill and return safely to the other side of the map? What about in combination with Ghostwalkers? You'd need a team of CC to instantly shut down the person using this item. Suggestion: Add an AP version (Leblanc, Ekko, Fizz, Katarina and Akali wants to join in on the fun) or remove it. **Bloodletter's Veil** The weakest of the event items. The other 2 are actives while this one's a passive. Good luck utilizing that "1 block for 2 seconds every 30 seconds" when the other team is focusing down a higher priority target. Suggestion: Turn it into an active, change it so that it doesn't activate unless you're taking damage, increase it's active time to 5 seconds or reduce the cooldown on it to 15 seconds. **Gameplay changes** I feel that the map is slightly smaller now and the inhibitor turrets (including fountain laser) seem to have a slight increase to their attack range. For example: The Inhibitor turret now seems to shoot you the moment you exit the brush next to it (which it did not on Howling Abyss) and the fountain laser now has a larger range as well at the open sides of the fountain (I've experienced it first hand). These changes were completely unnecessary. Suggestion: Revert them. **Relic changes** Not sure how I feel about this. On one side I'm happy that they were changed because it'd allow teams to get back some health if they're on the receiving end of the match. On the other side I feel they need to be reverted as it gives too much survivability for a team that can harass the other team at a turret 24/7. Giving them AoE heals (and small portions of mana) to keep them healthy while they slowly chip down the other team and their turret. Suggestion: Make them "team owned". The 2 relics close to the turrets on the blue side now "belong" to the blue team and those on the red side now "belong" to the red team. Keep them as AoE but reduce their effectiveness for each additional player past 2 that does not belong to the team that "owns" the relic. **Dark Harvest** Glad to see that you listened to feedback. I appreciate the reduction. I still think it's a little bit too strong (as I mentioned multiple times in the past you'd need to reduce it to 3 souls per champion and 2 souls per cannon/super or buff Electrocute (reduce cooldown and slightly increase damage) to bring these 2 in line with eachother) but it's getting on the right track. I sincerely hope you keep this reduction (and actually reduce it to 3/2) once the event is over. **Other changes** I feel that 8.11 somewhat shifted the meta. While I can't comment yet on whether this is a good or bad thing (because of these stupid event items) I can say that this shift in meta seems to have crippled/gutted many champions (mainly ranged squishies without any hard CC or burst). Even with the removal of Warmogs some tanks are still quite potent at shutting down a team and due to the new items (mainly Ghostwalkers in this particular case) I feel that they're an even bigger issue. Luckily you stated > These changes will help us test ways to make ARAM better, and help us to gauge how open the ARAM community is to changes to the mode. Although they’re temporary, the gameplay changes that are well-received may return to stay in a future patch. Which is why I'm providing you with feedback. The new items can stay away from regular ARAM once the event ends. As a regular ARAM player (I don't play SR or TT) I feel that they bring nothing but imbalance and make some champions way too hard to deal with (Fizz jumping in, doing massive damage, using E to get to a wall, activating boots to escape without taking damage for example) as well as shutting down a lot of champions' capability (slow ranged champions have no where to escape to for example if they're boxed in from 2 sides). **Positive changes** Champion select! I can now facepalm faster than ever when I see players reroll and we end up with a 5 AP/AD team without bruisers/CC/initiation :D Jokes aside though, I've actually made use of the new "champion pool" functionality a few times already and I'm glad you added that AND increased the free rotation. We've been asking for something against the ARAM account players for many years now and while you still have much work to do against them (just make every champion part of the free pool I'd say) it's definitely a step in the right direction so.... Thanks! >And speaking of rerolls, we’re slightly increasing the rate at which you earn them. If you have no champions unlocked, you’ll earn a reroll about once every 2 games, increasing based on the number of champions owned. If you own every champion, you’ll earn one reroll each game, up to a max of two. I must admit that I completely missed this part at first and I was quite surprised to see that I was getting 1 reroll per game so before reading this I assumed this went for everyone. Again: Thanks! I appreciate the effort you're putting in encouraging players to "play fair" as well as rewarding players that own all champions who would otherwise be at a "disadvantage" due to their big champion pool.
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