Am I at a "disadvantage" if I try to learn multiple champs at once?

I have a whole list of champs I want to play: Fiora, Akali, Neeko, Qiyana, Zoe, Katarina, Taliyah, Lux, Evelynn, Annie, Ahri, Camille, and all the other support champs I play. Thing is, I never stick to a champ until I'm "good" at them. I play them strictly for a day, then I'll go on to another champ or go back to playing my m7/m6 champs. I want to be able to play all of these champs well enough to where I don't have to focus on what I'm doing w/ the champ, but focus on the game itself (if the makes sense). But, it's a long list and they're all quite different (especially since I main Soraka and other enchanters, it's a big change) which makes me assume I'll never be able to learn them all with how I currently go about it. So, title. If I am, then how should I go about learning these champs? I had someone tell me I should stick with enchanters since it'd be too difficult to switch to an AD assassin or something. But I'm really not a fan of support, it's just a role that was easiest to start with and it's holding me back mechanically I'd think which makes it even harder to learn these champs. I'm also scared if I don't play the champs enough I'll forget how to play them since it's a long list, because it happened with Akali. I played 40 or so games with her and did decently enough then I went back to playing support. Once I came back maybe a week later to Akali, I couldn't play at all her at all (still love her though).
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