D1 Supp main here. Some useful stuff regarding support items:

_Most people are upset that the tribute/spoils gold generation passive is lost after 1k gold and that's what I'm going to talk about._ First of all, I was just as disappointed at the beginning because one of my approaches in Solo Q that helped me stand out from others supports was making more use of this passive than them after laning phase. That thing is gone so I'll have to figure out other ways to make a small difference. Not ideal, but let's consider the other aspects. * You save a total of 1400 gold (450 + 950) that you had to spend to upgrade the support item and now it's free. * You lose gold generation passive, but only after 1000g. This just means a very simple thing: unless you were making more than 2400g on your average game from tribute passive, you are actually gaining gold. A lot of people think the 3g/10 instead of 2 is what you used to make with tribute passive mid-late game. This is wrong, 6 extra gold a minute might be useful occasionally but doesn't compensate for tribute loss. What compensates for it is saving 1400g, don't get things mixed = ) Now I wish I had the statistic of my average gold making with tribute in season 9. I bet Riot has information but I really doubt it was higher than 2400 for most players / games.

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