seasons 2020

Thoughts about what should change: Ranked open only to people who are over honor lv 2 , this would reduce amount of toxicity regarding the competitive enviroment, which would allow people to focus more on improving themself and working on mistakes rather than just see others toxicity . I think ranked is that kind of mode where you must be concentrated on what you have to do and what you don't have to do .. , and if there is toxicity around this creates a very stressful enviroment . As rewards are only for lv2 honor and upper ,makes sense that the toxicity got reduced because of that as people wanted ranked rewards ,if the toxicity is conditioned regarding who is allowed to play ranked , the amount of toxicity will decrease much more than ever ... , and believe me Riot , this is that fact of thingh which influents matchmaking ,because having a few guys negative , or a guy who will troll/grief decrease your chances to win , so if they have to refrain from toxic behaviour in order to play ranked ,then they will be more likely not pushing to broke rules , as then as consequence of breaking rules they wouldn't be able to play 3 months ranked . Believe me , when i say i got 8 wins 2 losses , the mvp and the fact you are good in provisional ain't mather... , you get a provisional rank and then get some lp on every victory ,but it dosn't exactly mather if you loss a game in provisional with 21 10 ... , or if there was some people griefing into your provisional games... ,which dosn't makes sense , as a good player , the provisional games should analys your overall gameplay. My own ideea how it should work , first you would have to reset at middle level all the ranks , then based on the old season balance and create teams , let's say i been gold 2 this season , if you reset my rank to a middle level , you will have to give me games around my old season past rank , if i will stand on that level , then it means i can handle a stronger enemy ... , if i do beat stronger enemys i should get even upper than my rank once my provisional games ends... , you give me lp based on how good i play , and demote me according if i don't deserve to win , if let's say i winned a game around my gold 2 past rank then i would get gold Iv provisional rank , then i would play vs gold 1 player , and if i win i would go further a little bit more , then the next game against another players of gold 1 , if i win that too then ,you would take me to the plat level enemys , having posibility to gain more much lp on provisional games and gain progress ,where i do should belong... ,when enemys became too strong for me , then my oponnents level should decrease a little and so on... , i think this could actually make a difference between where people deserve to be if they play good in provisional , also stats should somehow be important to analys when establish provisional rank. I played yesterday my provisional games , first game 18/4 top lane , but my enemys weren't that strong , so i started with bronze III , rather riot shouldn't hurry to give me that rank , maybe i do deserve to be upper than bronze III provisional , so based on the number of the wins and provisional games stats , even stats when i was lossing game , i should benefit as a good player... , what if others grief/troll and makes me loss a game ... , i loss 54,60 lp for that ... , and i had such a game yesterday lossed because of that ... , was impossible to handle the game because my team was having 2 guys on bot lane playing horrible If season 2020 start ,reduce promo helper to minimum required... , is not okey to benefit it over and over again.... , it dosn't anymore distinguish who is bad and whos good , if a player get lucky to entry series , he just need 1 lucky game out of 2 to advance further.. , then he demote , as being a bad player ,and yeah i understand if he is good and gets in series then is his right to get promo helper , but if he fail the series , riot shouldn't give him another promo helper , until he dosn't proof that he can advance again upper.. than his current tier , in the sense if he gets back upper with 1 tier then , he deserve promo help again if he demotes..

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