Riot's philosophy finally turned the game into dogshit after so much years

Ever since xypherous stated that offense should outscale defense we finally reached a point in season 9 where anyone who enjoyed strategic plays can fuck right off. It has been obvious with how adaptive stats outstats the defensive choices of runes, that Riot does not want defense to be good, they do not want people to think like "Oh I do not want to get oneshot, and be able to outplay my enemy!", they want them to think like "I'm going full davai and oneshot everyone until I get oneshot". After season 2, we nerfed armor, mr, we removed force of nature, we nerfed warmog, we nerfed almost every defensive option and introduced BORK and liandry. In season 4 and season 7 we nerfed defense even more In season 3 we introduced black cleaver %armor shred in season 8 we introduced conqueror in season 8 we buffed MR pen What about champions? We removed taric's armor aura We removed sona's armor/mr aura We removed Soraka's temporar 110 armor buff in favor of turning her into a toxic healer, EVEN THOUGH MORELLO SAID THAT DEDICATED HEALERS ARE NOT GOOD FOR THE GAME. Hey guys, an enchanter able to make you tank physical damage aggression every 20 seconds is toxic, let's change it to a heal bot champ that has almost no downtime until they have no hp. We removed Maokai's ult damage reduction for his team We removed Jarvan's armor aura Anything that made your team tanking more damage got removed, instead we have spells that completly nullify agression like {{champion:201}} E{{champion:223}} W (very fun design btw). And tanks? What did Riot do with tanks since they had to make them useful? They all got reworked into toxic CC bots It makes sense, since defense should get blantantly ignored by offense after 20-25-30 min, how can we make tanks good? Make them able to remove a champion from a teamfight for 4 sec straight with knock ups AND BUFF THEIR DAMAGE. This is what happened with {{champion:3}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:154}} and all "modern tanks" You can't tank anymore, so now you either have a bruiser lvl of damage like galio/gragas/ornn Or you get to CC for I don't know how much time, with new displacements that appeared from no where like ZAC, galio, gragas and old tanks like {{champion:54}} are losing their niche for no reasons Remember when Malphite used to hardcounters Jax and Irelia? LOL THINK AGAIN Think fucking again because if you can't remove jax or irelia from the game for 4 sec now, they're going to shred you so hard Soon, malphite's attack speed slow will get changed into a knock up like {{champion:20}} and this made tanks so shit in soloq, but so op in pro play because their coordination can make use of their insane engage and insane cc So now, to make them good in soloq, they want to turn {{champion:516}} into a bruiser, by nerfing his cc and giving him 73% max hp damage and it's the fucking truth what the fuck it's just the truth, even {{champion:113}} is getting the same treatment {{champion:14}} Look at his current damage after that they buffed his damage Defense doesn't matter anymore, it's all about damage and cc now and bruisers? what about bruisers? Well, Riot thought that those poor melees need to be viable in the game, you would think that they would trade range for defense? Again Think again No, they need to PIERCE defense, even more {{champion:122}} had 25% pen armor for years suddenly, in season 8 we increase it to 30% then to 35% we introduce {{champion:164}} who's able to deal 1k true damage every few seconds Melees are ignoring more and more the defense of this game, {{champion:114}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:157}} , and now {{champion:266}} {{champion:6}} gets SO MUCH %hp damage passively. {{champion:266}} {{champion:39}} gets to either pierce shielding, or reduce healing We gave {{champion:75}} {{champion:86}} % armor shred This is league in its purest form in season 9 A game where tanks will either deal bruiser lvl of damage, or have bullshit cc A game where bruisers will ignore almost all of your defense Say anything about season 2, but in that season you had much more strategy nobody even the few assassins straight up oneshot you in high elo Because in pro play or high elo, mages or adc went for TWO defensive items ADC build was like boots+IE+PD+Banshee+GA And you had no way of ignoring this defense But riot was like "uhu duhu, defense is boring guys" Even when you had mages and ADCS picked as much as bruisers and tanks you had as much bruisers and tanks played, currently the only bruisers played are either hypermobile or have bullshit ranged spells (Aatrox Urgot) You buff Darius's armor pen, and he doesn't show up even when he can straight up ignore your defense Why? BECAUSE DARIUS NEEDS HIS OWN DEFENSE TO MATTER FFS You think by giving {{champion:75}} 35% armor pen, he's going to be good when his ult armor/mr won't matter at all? You can give him a gamebreaking buff that is 50% cdr on Q under ult, it won't change anything Riot game Your issue was thinking that buffing damage non stop on anyone could fix the game or fix balance you just ruined the fun for the people that loved long trades the people that loved strategy, and loved to abuse window of powers Now, your designs are all "ahahaha you didn't dodge skillshot, get fucking destroyed lol"
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