How to lane against Darius as a melee champion?

He destroy pretty much most melee champions in lane. I am a lane bully champion that also outscales into the late game. He can destroy other juggernauts in lane. He can destroy tanks in lane. He only struggles against ranged top laners and Riven/Fiora. How to lane against Darius as a melee? He E’s you and with that bullshit hitbox it pulls you eventhough he missed. He uses E + W and now you have 0 chance to dodge his Q. Why does Darius Q reduce to 5 second CD at rank 5? He can just spam low mana cost Q all game for free missing health heals. My biggest problem with Darius is his passive. His passive does more stuff than an entire old champion kit combined. Why does he get free bonus AD for hitting someone 5 times? He is a lane bully champion but don’t worry, he gets 230 free AD for hitting a tank 5 times in the late game. He also gets instant 5 stack transfer rather than rebuilding 5 attacks on each target.
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