Did I do something wrong this game?

https://i.imgur.com/wHzn8fI.png Apparently, the Sion got fed up with their Rengar, and decided to go inting Sion, forcing us to constantly have someone babysit him, or he'd just take our base. Since our Ekko wouldn't move to counter him, I did. I fought this Sion for half an hour making sure he didn't just demolish our base on his own. But once the Sion *finally* got our top inhib after maybe 7 or 8 tries, he decides to group up with his team, and my carries, all of a sudden, are useless. No matter what advantage I was able to squeeze out of my situation, it felt like my team just couldn't handle a single Garen. I'd just like to know if I did anything wrong this game. Should I have ignored the Sion? Should I have pushed the Ekko to counter him since he was the one with teleport? How could I have won this game, or was I at the complete mercy of my teammates?
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