LOL is suffering the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG syndrome

This is an old Overpowered card A simple effect but overpowered for the time. This is a NORMAL card nowadays Do you see the similarity with LOL? Champions used to be simpler and straightforward. {{champion:11}} got a simple kit focused on mobility and damage. {{champion:99}} got a kit for CC and Damage New champs/ reworks ({{champion:266}}, {{champion:555}} , {{champion:142}} ) now have in their kits, mobility, damage, soft CC, hard CC, range abilities, life regen, etc. Riot is replacing strategy for over the edge overpowered champs, only to have little peaks of profit. At this rate maybe lol will have the same fate as Yugioh, a game played only by a few who try to remember their glory days.
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