Riot's Attempt to Make Ganks Occur Less Achieved the Opposite Effect

Whichever team receives the most successful ganks is likely going to win the match. This applies to whichever jungle ganks the most often and successfully as well as which mid is better at roaming for assassinations. Jungle experience is terrible. It's best simply to farm buffs then gank lanes because even a gank that does not result in a kill will often force an enemy out of lane, granting the jungle license to push the lane with an ally. The experience they leech off the minions in lane is more than they could possibly receive from camps because it's consistent experience unlike camps that require wasting valuable time running from one camp to the next. It's even a known fact that gaining levels is more valuable than earning gold. So, even if the jungle isn't last hitting minions, they're still earning more just by being there than they would from farming their supposed camps. A jungle, at this point, basically just needs to take their own buffs, ward enemy buffs and take those whenever possible, keep drake warded and secure it, claim as many scuttle crabs as possible, and then walk to whichever lane they feel like and harass an enemy for however long it takes for the next buff/scuttle/drake to appear. Because wolves, gromp, raptors, and krugs just aren't worth it anymore.
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