Shaco invisibility power problem

So with the recent update, Shaco is a S+ jungler with 53% win rate, that is SEVERELY annoying to play against if he gets even the slightest edge early. The main problem is his insane pre-level 6 invisibility, whose duration is longer than anything else in the game - all the while having low cooldown, and a blink attached to it. To specify: Shaco stealth duration is now 2.5 / 2.75 / 3 / 3.25 / 3.5 seconds, meanwhile: Akali: clear invisibility cloud and location Kha: 1 second invisibility, during ULTIMATE Talon: a few seconds of invisibility, during ULTIMATE Vayne: 1 second invisibility, during ULTIMATE Wukong: 1.5 seconds invisibility Twitch, Eve, Rengar, and Pyke only have camo, and most of them announce their arrival with visual and audio signals way before they are seen. Pink wards, even if placed, sadly can't cover everything - and Shaco's attached blink allows to approach lane ganks from unorthodox directions. While theoretically very aggressive warding + defensive turret-hug play would counter this, I can't be bothered to 110% tryhard every game. Not all players are diamond+, and even in plat this feels severely restricted and counter-intuitive to play against. This is one of those "unfun mechanics" that Rito wants to prevent. My suggestion: at the very least, add a visual/sound notice when Shaco uses blink/invisibility nearby, similar to Pyke. It can remain an invisibility, but this amount of sneak power is unjustified.

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