The fact that we're going back to 1 rework : 1 new champion release makes me sad.

There's still a multitude of old champions who - are toxic for the game when too strong {{champion:38}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:8}} - have been completely power-creeped out of the meta {{champion:53}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:106}} - or are simply way too straightforward and dull {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:17}} They all could use either a gameplay update or a full VGU, but the new Riot policy is going to increase their permanence on the waiting list for years. To be honest, I feel like I'm not the only one who'd rather have a full roster of viable champions than a mutilated one with an absurdly high amount of characters (we've already hit #142!), so I really can't make sense of Riot's decision.
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