Why are Mages damage getting lowered and Tank damage are getting buffed?

All of those Tank damage buff on the PBE fix nothing about tanks, and all those damage nerfs to Mages makes no sense. Mages are a Carry Role not a Support Role, Some of those buff really contradict themself and makes no sense. Mage AP ratio and base damage are almost equal to enchanter supports, Tanks AP ratio and base damage are looking similar to old Gragas Q 100% AP ratio and 300 base damage lol. I was reading at Twitter and Hashinshin was complaining about tank being anti-carry, that they stop a champion from carrying. The more I think about it and the more I think that from that statement Tank should be Anti-Carry, thats the direction to take for Tanks. Tank and enchanters are suppose to be Anti-Carry type of champion or supporting Carry. Mages and ADC are suppose to be Damage Carry type of classes. And for some reason Bruiser are the class that has no respect for other class after laning phase and just kills anything they touches. Even though their role are suppose to be the splitpush carry. Jungler are the objective control carry.
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