I wanted to play Corki as a "poke" champ, to combo with other poke champs like Ezreal, but...

But his AD scaling on his ult is 15/45/75% of total AD. Hmm. I'm okay with those scaling values, but I think the 45% should come around about the time that laning phase ends. Level 11 typically doesn't come till 20 minutes. that's usually several teamfights too late. I can understand why Riot didn't want it to have 45% scaling during laning phase. Corki could nuke the heck out of his lane opponent. So the initial 15% scaling is okay with me... I think laning phase usually ends around 15 minutes, which is one minute after turret plating falls. By then, usually a turret is down, and that's basically the end of laning phase. Level 9 typically comes at around the 15 minute mark. So something more like 15/45/75% at levels 6/9/12 would allow Corki's ult to come online at about the time laning phase ends, and would also solve the problem of Corki abusing the Elixir of Skill to get the 45% during laning phase (which about 20% of Corki players are already abusing, with Klepto also being Corki's highest win rate rune path).
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