Not gonna lie, if the changes to Rylais dumpster Morde...

I'll probably quit the game. I've been through enough with the bloody Juggernaut patch and its dreaded aftermath. I fought for a better, workable Solo lane Morde. I tried everything to make him work. And lo and behold I succeeded. Morde is in a GOOD spot, he's strong in the hands of those who know him and offers some rather clear counterplay. He can be played Top, Jungle and Mid. His build's very flexible beyond Rylais as his core. And all of this might just go to waste if Riot decides to cater to the squishy burst mages rather than the battlemages and bruisers when they medfle with Rylais. Now, nothing's set in stone but them even considering making it a mana/cdr/ap option makes me scared that they'll just go through with that instead of plan B ( nerf the AP/Slow) I've had enough. I'm done having to fight for my champion's viability. If Riot dumpsters him so be it. They might lose ONE player, not that they'd care but I'd hate to lose everything I worked for. Sorry about the rant, I had to vent ~M.M
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