i can't help but feel like base stats aren't distributed fairly

http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Irelia http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Volibear Comparing raw kits, Irelia has: - Fantastic, conditional in-fight dash mobility, conditional escape, strong answer to ranged harass - Passable wave clear/wave push without Tiamat - An innate heal for 20% total AD that's available as often as her Q is - AD scaling magic on-hit buff (passive) that is active for as long as she's fighting champions or resetting with spells on non-champions. Also does triple damage to shields - skillshot stun with great reach, giving her massive threat range - skillshot slow/disarm field with great reach, giving her massive threat range - 40% damage reduction for 1.5 seconds + a skillshot nuke Volibear has: - Movement speed that's halved when not approaching enemies; poor escape, no answer to ranged harass. Has a displacement flip that puts opponents behind him. - Nonexistent wave clear pre-Tiamat - An innate heal for 30% max HP over 6 seconds that's available once every 2 minutes - AP scaling on-hit buff on his ultimate that is active for 12 seconds - No AD scaling despite being primarily AA based - HP scaling execute that does physical damage, on a static 18s cooldown per rank, available after 3 right clicks. Also grants up to 60% attack speed after 3 hits. - A tiny displacement with a 3 second slow. The disparity in raw kit power is obvious. Is this made up for in base stat numbers? Let's see what Volibear has over Irelia in exchange for his highly limited kit, using the level 1 and level 18 stats. - 4.5-21.5 more HP - 0.5-4.9 less HP regen - 80-80 less mana - 0.1-2.5 less mana regen - 75 less auto attack range - 5 more AD level 1, 7 AD less at level 18 - 0.002% more base attack speed with 2.9% higher growth by 18 - 1-9.5 more armor - 0.1 more magic resist - 10 more movement speed (based 5 MS nerf) Base stats should not be remotely as identical as they end up being across classes. This is absolute nonsense; champions who have fewer outplay tools or fewer answers to the myriad of things that the rest of the roster is able to throw their way should have at least superior base stats to be able to weather the storm. If you want to compare Volibear to a more recent juggernaut design since that's a "fairer" comparison, then you can look at Urgot for an even sadder experience. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Urgot Urgot has great poke, a monstrous execute that turns into an AOE CC (also long ranged) and does not factor resists into the equation at all, a massive shield that becomes borderline spammable, % damage, also has a flip on a spell that lets Urgot counter displacements with a delayed dash. In return, Volibear gets less HP at all points of the game, less AD by level 18, **17** less armor, 285 less mana, 175 less basic attack range, better base AS, identical MR, and 15 more movement speed. What a sad champion.
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