I used to defend Yuumi when people said her gameplay was toxic...

Not anymore. She is so annoying in lane and makes me want to pull my eyes out because she is far too safe and far too effective considering this. Her ultimate is nearly impossible to counter if you don't have {{summoner:4}} or mobility and her passive is far too easy to trade with in laning phase. (it's not effective as a barrier but instead as a means of trading.) She can spam healing with no repercussions if you ever do manage to jump her but she and her adc get away in laning phase. She can just sit on her adc and pump healing into them until they're in better shape. So what could make her better? Well three main things that would make her less safe and easier to counter. 1. If she detaches, there should ALWAYS be a cooldown before she can reattach to an ally. Of course this would be reduced to zero over the course of the game but in laning there should be a risk to detaching so that when Yuumi detaches in laning phase there's always a window of opportunity to catch her out. 2. Lengthen the delay between waves on the ultimate. This would give enemies more time to think before they get rooted and a better chance of escape. 3. Lower the base on the passive shield and increase the scaling to compensate. Yuumi usually has a good deal of ap in her build so it wouldn't force players to to full ap. It would also encourage more risky plays in the late game as then the shield would be more rewarding. But in her current state Yuumi is frankly far too safe and just annoying overall.
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