The reason we all play league; and a major incoming change to our game

_**EDIT: To many of the comments in this post, thanks and you were right. I'm not here to be a good writer, just save our twisted treeline. I refined what you helped me realize with this new post. Please express your thoughts here: **_ Each of us, no matter where you come from or how long you have been a part of this gaming experience has found something to love about this space. After match upon match of the utmost slaughter and embarrassment (whether internally or externally); you return. To fight another day. Why? If you read in depth which of the varying forms of MMO's have been successful and why, it always boils down to finite resources and competition over them. Many sociologists & economists on synthetic worlds determined that a popular online game must have a system which allows only a small portion of players/people (1%) hold all the resources while 99% fight for the scraps and attempt to become them. If you really think about it, these core rules apply to reality as well. Riot/Dota (or actually... the players making maps in Warcraft 3 editor) teased out something bare, simple, and beautiful here. That which we come back to, until another synthetic world does it better, or there are none left but reality itself. ----- ----- ----- I write because something has come to my attention. A core function of this game is being removed and you likely don't even know you'll miss it. That function is called Twisted Treeline (3v3). You may or may not understand why a devout few play nothing but this mode. But I can assure you, like jazz or opera you just have to be in the right conditions to experience their perfection. At 15 I poked-fun at those who listened to such music. By double that age preferred it. Understanding is often a function of time. Time which we do not have... ----- ----- ----- I heard a recent story about Yorick nerf's last year. A few players got on that twittering site and messaged one of the riot developers every single day until they buffed him back to a playable state. If something as simple as this might fix our loss-> I will gladly rinse and repeat. All of you have my time, money, creativity and energy. I need suggestions and connections. Suggestions of how we might fight this battle and recover what will be lost. As I'm unvoiced and not connected in this community any thing you might think of will help. Another idea I had is to post on every Reddit "Main" page for every champion. Otherwise I'm all ears for youthful suggestions. I will try anything that doesn't require harassment or abusive tactics. Whatever it takes to save something you may not know how much you could have loved.

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